Book of Mormon in Chuukese

The  Book of Mormon in Chuukese (Fosun Chuuk) is now printed and available through local distribution centers and online at The handouts below give instructions for ordering. (Download a PDF of the handouts.)

The Book of Mormon in Chuukese is also available online and in the Gospel Library mobile app.

Chuukese (also called Trukese) spoken primarily on the islands of Chuuk in the Caroline Islands in Micronesia, but also in Pohnpei and Guam. Over 45,000 people speak Chuukese.




Thanksgiving Videos

thankfulBelow are a few Thanksgiving videos you may wish to share with your friends and family.

Watch this video “A Worldwide Compilation of Gratitude: #ThankfulFor” created by the Mormon Channel. Learn about that effort.

Watch this video about living in thanksgiving daily:

In this video, “The Spirit of Thanksgiving,” random people on the streets of New York City share a variety of grateful responses to one simple question: What are you thankful for?

See more videos on about gratitude.


Video: How Does Keeping the Commandments Help Us?

instructions-included-lds-videoHow does keeping the commandments help us?

This question is answered for youth and children in a new video from the Church called “Instructions Included.”

You may also be interested to watch the video “Why does God give us commandments?

Watch more LDS videos for youth at


International Day of the Bible

holy-bibleToday is the International Day of the Bible. We have the opportunity to join with other Christians to share our love for the Bible.

At noon, please share a favorite verse, a video, or thoughts related to the Bible on social media channels using the hashtag #BibleCelebration.

The following are some Bible-related resources on that might help you share your thoughts and feelings about this sacred book:

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First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional 2015


The First Presidency cordially invites Church members and their friends to participate in the First Presidency’s Christmas devotional on Sunday, December 6, 2015 at 6:00pm MST.

The devotional will include specially prepared addresses from the General Authorities and general officers of the Church, along with sacred music performed by the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square.

The devotional will be available live in many languages at, on the Mormon Channel (website, YouTube, mobile app, Roku), on BYUtv, and in meetinghouses worldwide. See language information.

Video and audio-only recordings for most languages, as well as text files of the talks in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, will be posted online by December 12, 2015.

Watch this video invitation to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional:



Updated Features for LDS Tools Mobile App

lds-tools-iconAn updated version of the LDS Tools mobile app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Here is a summary of the new or enhanced functions with this release:

For Members

  • See your own membership and ordinance data under the Membership Information section in the directory.
  • Crop your member and household photos.
  • See information about your calling.
  • Simplified process to update your LDS Account password in LDS Tools when it is changed in LDS Account.

For Leaders

  • See home and visiting teaching data and reports.
  • See a list of members assigned to each organization and send an email or text message to them.
  • Tap on any category in the Unit Statistics report and see the members, with options to share the list of members or to display the members on a map.
  • Use Apple’s Touch ID in place of your LDS Tools passcode.
  • Filter the Birthday List by organization and age.
  • See the contact information for the bishop of a member’s prior ward on the Members Moved In report.

Read the Release Notes to learn the specifics about what is available for Android and for Apple iOS.


“A Savior Is Born” Christmas Initiative

ASaviorIsBorn-LDS-Christmas-mastheadOn Sunday, November 29, the Church will begin a worldwide multimedia initiative for the 2015 Christmas season titled “A Savior Is Born.” The initiative focuses on the importance of the Savior’s birth and includes the following elements:

Beginning November 29, members are encouraged to view and share the video “A Savior Is Born” and to invite others to learn more about the birth, life, and mission of the Savior Jesus Christ by visiting When sharing, please use the hashtag #ASaviorIsBorn.

The video and website will be available in the following 29 languages:
Albanian, Armenian, Cebuano, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish,
Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, and Ukrainian. An additional animated video will be in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The site provides print-and-share signs for you to download and write your own message and share on social media.

Below are examples of the posters, pass-along cards, print-and-share signs, and sacrament meeting programs you can download in high resolution in many languages at

Pass-along cards:

Poster (in various sizes):


Print-and-share pages:

Sacrament meeting programs:

Stay tuned to during December for additional surprises:

  • 12 Days of Social Influencers (Dec 1-12)
  • 25 GIFs of Christmas Advent Calendar
  • Special surprise on Dec 13
  • Free printables

New Triple Combination in Zulu

The new triple combination of the scriptures and updated edition of the Book of Mormon in Zulu are now printed and available through distribution centers and online at

The handouts below give instructions for ordering. (Download a PDF of the handout.)

The Zulu scriptures are also available online and in the Gospel Library mobile app.

Zulu (or isiZulu) is the language of the Zulu people with about 10 million speakers, the vast majority (over 95%) of whom live in South Africa. Zulu is the most widely spoken home language in South Africa (24% of the population) as well as being understood by over 50% of the population. It became one of South Africa’s eleven official languages in 1994.




“Restoration” Music Video by James theMormon

james-the-mormonAbout 6 months ago, James Curran (also known as James themormon) woke up with a strong feeling to start making original music, and to have that original music tell the truths of the restored gospel. He raps as a hobby, but doesn’t consider himself a rapper.

For his first song, he decided to start with the doctrine of the Restoration. He was uncomfortable with the idea of writing a rap song about such a sacred topic, but the promptings kept coming and everything fell into place. Read James’ blog post about how the song came to be.

Watch his music video “Restoration:”

The song has been an inspiration to many. James explains why he is sharing his talent: “This is just a testimony to me that God has given us all talents. Each and everyone of us has a God given talent, and its purpose is to do good,  bring others closer to Christ, and to spread the news of the Restored Gospel. I’m not saying go make rap videos. But seek out what it is, then live your life in a way that out Heavenly Father can prompt you what to do with it.”

James plans to release songs regularly from the missionary lessons. He has created some funny videos, such as “An LDS Addiction” and serious videos, such as “You Should Watch Conference.”

Here’s a list of other member-created videos I’ve shared. If you find other videos you think I should share, please post a comment below.


Video: The Story of the Bible in 8 minutes

story-bible-8-minutesThe YouTube channel BroJFullmer has produce another great video, “The Story of the Bible in 8 minutes.” It describes what the Bible is, how it is structured, and gives an overview of the story line–all in 8 minutes. It is narrated by children Ethan and Naomi.

The stories are simplified to show how all the pieces fit together when trying to make sense of the Biblical narrative.

Also click the diagram above

Here is a list of other member-created videos I have shared. If you find other videos you think I should share, please post a comment below.

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New Triple Combination in Xhosa

The new triple combination of the scriptures and updated edition of the Book of Mormon in Xhosa are now printed and available through distribution centers and online at

The handouts below give instructions for ordering. (Download a PDF of the handout.)

The Xhosa scriptures are also available online and in the Gospel Library mobile app.

The Xhosa language is one of the official languages of South Africa. It is spoken by more than 7 million people.




Provo City Center LDS Temple Nears Completion

provo-city-center-lds-templeDuring the October 2011 General Conference, President Thomas S. Monson announced that the former Provo Tabernacle would become the Provo City Center Temple. Now, 3 1/2 years of construction later, the temple is almost ready for its open house January 15, 2016 to March 5, 2016.

You can order open house tickets online at beginning January 4, 2016 at 10:00am.

Watch this amazing time-lapse video of 3 1/2 years of construction shown in less than 5 minutes.

Learn more about the Provo City Center LDS Temple.

Also read “Provo City Center Temple: A Mighty Change at the Heart.”

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New Triple Combination in Marshallese

The new triple combination of the scriptures and updated edition of the Book of Mormon in Marshallese are now printed and available through distribution centers and online at

The handouts below give instructions for ordering. (Download a PDF of the handout.)

The Marshallese scriptures are also available online and in the Gospel Library mobile app.

Marshallese (Kajin Majōl) is the language spoken by about 44,000 people in the Marshall Islands. Selections from the Book of Mormon were published in Marshallese in 1983 and the full book was published in 2003. Now that the full triple combination is published, there have been some revisions to the Book of Mormon.




Watch and Share LDS Videos on YouTube

Millions of people are on YouTube daily. As you watch LDS videos and share them, you will be helping the videos be seen by more people on YouTube and other video search engines. People will be touched by your comments and the things they feel while enjoying LDS videos.

What You Can Do

youtube-mormon-channelWatching, commenting on, and sharing LDS videos on YouTube can make a difference.

To share or comment on a video, you must have a Google, Gmail, or YouTube account.

  1. Find an uplifting LDS video on the Mormon Channel or on the Channel. There are also a number of great videos created by members (see some highlighted on
  2. Find a video you like and watch it to the end.
  3. Click the “thumbs up” icon to show you like the video.
  4. Write a comment about why you like it or how you feel about it.
  5. Share the video with someone you think would enjoy it.

The more a video is watched, commented on, and shared, the more likely that video will show up when people search for videos on YouTube.

Time It Takes

The whole activity should take just a few minutes to find and watch a video, like it, leave a comment, and share it with someone.


What Happens to Feedback at

feedback-missionaryHave you ever clicked the Feedback link at the bottom of a page at If you have trouble finding something, or want to ask a question or comment about something you see or read on, just click the Feedback link.

Since 2009, over 276,000 feedback items have been submitted to  In addition to answering your questions, the Church uses feedback to identify what is most important to site visitors.

Feedback submissions are collected every 15 minutes and stored in a database that classifies the submissions and keeps track of them until they are responded to.

The feedback is handled by faithful Church members who are called to serve as Church Service Missionaries and volunteers. As a group, they are known as the Response Team.

Team members are spread around the world on almost every continent. They use their own computers and Internet access, and donate from a few to many hours each week.

To learn how these Church Service Missionaries and volunteers respond to questions in a personal way, read the article “Do You Know What Happens to Feedback at

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