How to Resign From the Mormon Church?

Resigning from the church is a big deal. Perhaps you wish to express your gratitude and leave on your terms but when it comes to the Church of Latter-day Saints, many people wonder, how to resign from the Mormon Church?

To make your resignation official, you will need to submit a letter to your bishop or branch president or ask them to be removed from the records directly. But what exactly does this entail, and what should you write? We’re going to take a closer look so you can make the process as smooth as possible. 

How can you resign from the Mormon Church?

Although discussing your choice directly is one option, not everyone feels comfortable having difficult conversations face to face.

With this in mind, many Mormons choose to resign from the church by submitting a letter or an email. 

What to say to the Mormon Church in a resignation letter or email?

Whether you send an email or letter, a resignation from the Mormon Church should include information to easily identify you, plus an address or email address. 

The subject line can be as simple as “Resignation of LDS Church membership”

Include your full name, date of birth, and the day you were baptized on. Then, your membership number and your ward or branch.

Write a line or two stating clearly that you wish to resign, with something along the following lines:

“I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is effective immediately, and I request you permanently remove my name from your membership records. Please confirm that my name has been removed from your records, after which, I wish to have no further contact from the Church or any representatives.”

State that you have given the decision a lot of thought and understand the weight of your decision. Also, state that you are aware that your resignation cancels the effects of your confirmation and baptism.

What to do if your family wants to resign from the Mormon Church?

If more than one family member is resigning, include all their names on one letter, plus their membership number and the rest of the details mirroring your own. If minors are part of the resignation, a parent’s signature will be required. If old enough, the child should also sign the letter.

Be sure to include the names and date of birth of unbaptized children as the Church may also have a record of them.

Include your current address as the Member Records department will send your resignation to the local ward. This will ensure it gets to the right place, even if you haven’t been involved in the Church for a long time and have moved frequently.

Where to send resignation from the Mormon Church?

Have your letter notarized where possible. A notary at your bank or credit union is easiest as they do not usually charge for the service. 

Send the letter to Member Records (address below) with proof of sending and delivery confirmation. This service is available at your local Post Office. That way, you can look up the delivery confirmation on the internet and have peace of mind.

Send your resignation letter to: 

Member Records 
50 E North Temple, Room 1372
SLC UT 84150-5310

You don’t have to notarize your letter but you may get a phone call from your local bishop to verify that you wrote the letter. 

What to expect when resigning from the Mormon church

The Church used to deal with resignations without delay and the process was not a lot of hassle. However, the removal process can take a couple of months now, sometimes even longer. 

You do not need to do anything else, the process takes longer because of the extra work for the local leaders. The church leader may try to schedule a meeting to discuss the decision with you in person. This is mostly to confirm your decision and resolve any issues you may have.

However, if using the above guideline, you clearly state you do not wish to be contacted other than to receive confirmation that you no longer wish to be a member of the church. They may ignore this section and contact you.

The church may request that you contact your local bishop and give them your letter of resignation directly. If you use delivery confirmation, you do not need to do this. If they return your letter, you’ll most likely receive a letter from them, plus a stamped and dated copy of your original letter. This is proof that they received your resignation.

Keep copies of these letters, and even send a photocopy of them to your local bishop if you wish. Alternatively, send the photocopy back to Member Records. This should be enough, especially if you are assertive. State that you know your rights and are no longer a member of the Church.

It may not get to that stage. Your name will often be removed after the initial letter and you will no longer be a member of the church.