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Teaching Kids to Be Digitally Literate

"If your idea of teaching kids to be digitally savvy means showing them how to avoid phishing scams, create unbreakable passwords and stay off pornographic websites — then experts say you've got a lot to learn." That's the lead paragraph in the Deseret News article...

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National Delete Snapchat Day, June 1

Today is National Delete Snapchat Day, a grassroots effort to #SaveTheKids from the destructive side of modern technology. Youth advocate Collin Kartchner posted the following on Instagram: Enough is enough. This app is a disaster. Time to say goodbye, Snapchat. You...

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4 Ways to Serve Families with Disabilities

Families who are touched by disabilities need your love, help, and support. The article "4 Ways to Serve Families with Disabilities" from the June 2018 issue of the Ensign magazine explains that about 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability....

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Video: How to Refer Friends to the LDS Missionaries

A new feature on LDS Tools and lets you refer a friend directly to missionaries and collaborate with them as they contact and teach your friend. Watch the video below to learn how members and missionaries can work together more effectively to help people come...

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