What is the LDS Church WiFi Password?

Whether you’re a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or a genealogy buff researching at your local family history center, you may be wondering what the WiFi password is. Here’s what you need to know!

The name of the Wifi network is Liahona and the password is alma3738.

According to the Book of Mormon, the Liahona refers to a compass with a brass ball that helped people find their way. The only time it worked was when they were good. It also had instructions from God on it. It is one of the things Joseph Smith found with the golden plates. The password alma3738 is a reference to a verse in the Book of Mormon that names the compass used by Lehi.

Once you agree to the terms and conditions of the network, you’ll have full internet access. If you’re doing genealogy research, you’ll have full access to the FamilySearch.org collection. Many films on FamilySearch cannot be accessed from home due to contract limitations between the Church and the owners of the record collections. They are only accessible on the LDS network.

These credentials are the same no matter where in the world you’re accessing the wireless network. The network is available in Church facilities, Family History Centers, Meetings Houses, and the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. You can use your own computer to access this network as well as the protected films as FamilySearch.

If you’ve connected to the wifi in the past, you may remember the old wifi network was called LDSAcess. The password for that network was Pioneer47. This network is no longer available.