Lds Church Policy on Sleepovers

The Mormon community isn’t the only religion to have strict views on certain social activities, including sleepovers, but their position is clear.

The LDS church policy on sleepovers is that they should not be allowed. The consensus within the Mormon Church is that this approach is about preventing sin. Not every parent takes this stance, so we are going to take an in-depth look to learn more about the Mormon policy on sleepovers. 

Does the LDS Church forbid sleepovers?

It seems that the LDS Church warns against sleepovers: Spending the night at a friend’s house is considered a risk that may compromise the key values of the Mormon church and violate the Word of Wisdom.

The intention is to protect children from exposure to sin, including pornography and sexual experimentation. However, no doctrine says members of the Mormon Church cannot have sleepovers. 

In truth, it is down to the discretion of the parents and what they feel is right for their kids. The guidance is there, and they can decide what they choose to do with it.

Why doesn’t the LDS church like sleepovers?

Ask different groups of Mormons and they will provide different answers. Some are not comfortable with sleepovers because of the risk of molestation when they are in another household. Others are against sleepovers because of the risk of sinful activity such as drinking alcohol, drugs, pornography, and sexual experimentation.

Parents are likely to share the same concerns no matter what their religious views, but the decision is often made depending on how much they trust the family in question. 

Peer pressure is another reason why many LDS church members do not like their children having sleepovers. It seems that many believe that when children are in another household, they are more susceptible to influence.

Mormons live by their ethics, which may be compromised in a different household. Another concern that seems to come up in the LDS church is about movies. Some children may be exposed to movies they are too young for because other parents deem them ok.

What does the LDS church say about sleepovers?

There are many reasons, but the General Conference has warned against it in the past. There is nothing that says it is a commandment, but the General Authority carries a lot of weight, so many in the LDS Church listen.

Some wards warn against sleepovers because of the risk of child molestation. But it is the parental choice if they know and trust the other family well and feel it is ok. 

Some parents believe that blocking their children from attending sleepovers at other LDS families’ houses means they may consider allowing sleepovers with non-churchgoers. 

As we said, there are no specific rules for Mormon families when it comes to sleepovers. Much like some families have rules about texting at the table where others do not, it is down to personal choice and values.

What else is forbidden in Mormonism?

Tube code that Mormons live by states that they should stay clear of alcohol, tea, coffee, tobacco, and drugs.