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social-media-certificationThe Voice of Scouting has created a Social Media Certification as one of their new interactive online courses for a new age of Scouting.

Have you ever been on Facebook and wondered how you got where you were? How about pin hopping on Pinterest; where was that first search that got you going anyway? Have you ever Tweeted your displeasure about a business’s poor customer service?

These are all symptoms of being a social media drifter, just going where the flow takes you. But there is a better way and it begins with adding purpose to your time online. This free Social Media Certification course will help you add deeper value to your time on the internet.

Why this course?

Every day billions of us interact electronically, but not always in meaningful or even safe ways. We send an Instagram to our friends and family. Why? That gripe we tweeted on customer service, was it helpful? We posted our granddaughter’s first step on Facebook so that everyone on the planet could see.  You viewed a hilarious YouTube and just had to share. But why did you share it and who did you sent it to?

For many of us, social media is an easy way to feel in touch with relative or past colleges. But you need to decide on the purposes of the social media you use. When you record that purpose in your profile and live by it, things will start to change. That what this certification will do for you. It will guide you step by step to more worthwhile posting.

If you have children and they certify, they will become safer and more responsible while using social media; you will find yourself feeling safer too. Your understanding of how to get involved in discussions happening in social media are bound to be more substantial and you will tend to find yourself connecting in important ways. You are going to encourage  family and associates to share their personal stories and thoughts on what is important to them; because you find meaning there. And best of all you will help to “flood the earth with good messages,” including messages on how Scouting is building youth and helping you accomplish the mission of your chartered partner.

Take the free Social Media Certification course now.

interactive-coursesThe Voice of Scouting provides online interactive and gamified merit badge courses where youth can learn merit badges through videos, games, quizzes, competition, trophies and more. You can track your progress and work on merit badges online or offline by also downloading the app on a mobile iOS device.

For more great ideas on Scouting, see the Voice of Scouting.

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