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lds general womens meetingThe March 29th General Women’s Meeting may be the single largest gathering of women ever.

Come and observe what women leaders and a living prophet of God have for messages of hope, inspiration, and guidance for the women of the world to bless the families of the earth. Women, young women, and girls age eight years and older of all faiths are invited to attend this LDS General Women’s Meeting.

The images below show several easy ways to invite others to watch the General Women’s Meeting.

Learn about all the ways to watch the LDS General Women’s Meeting (in person, on TV, on the Internet, on Facebook, on Roku. etc.).

If you share information about the General Women’s meeting, use the hashtag #WomensMeeting. Learn more about using LDS hashtags.

As announced previously, this meeting takes the place of the general Relief Society meeting held in the fall and the general Young Women meeting held in the spring.

The ideas and images below are from the page Invite Others to the General Women’s Meeting at This page is available in 10 languages.


Share this video invitation to the LDS General Women’s Meeting:



  Invite others using the Facebook event.


  Change your Facebook cover image to invite your friends to the general women’s meeting.




tweet-iconUse the hashtag #WomensMeeting to follow along and join in the conversation during the general women’s meeting.




  Invite others using the Google+ event.


  Change your Google+ cover image to invite your friends to the general women’s meeting.



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