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USA Today has published a story “Twitter at 7: Smart or stupid, we are what we tweet,” which shares some good ideas about being responsible online. Here are a few nuggets from that story:

  • Social media can bring out the very best in us–and the very worst.
  • The problem isn’t the technology–it’s us. The technology just magnifies what’s already there. It’s an accelerant. Social media hasn’t dramatically altered human behavior, it just makes it more apparent. If you incriminate yourself, it’s more discoverable, more distributable and more embarrassing.
  • Those who use social media are disproportionately young—in many cases more adept technologically than socially, especially outside an immediate circle of peers. Those most fluent in the new social technology are often least aware of its potential dangers.

Rules to Live By:

  • Know what you’re doing online. Realize that your image is shaped by what you like and what you share.
  • What would Mom say? Tweet and post nothing you wouldn’t want your mother to see.

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