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My family will tell you that I’m obsessed with names. In fact, I created a little website several years ago:

Anyway, I just came across this video “Utah Names,” which I found very funny.

How about these names listed in the comments to the video:

  • Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards)
  • Derika
  • Cliffany
  • Algernon (“Algy”)
  • Espn
  • Amalekiah
  • Que (pronounce “cue”)
  • Genavee
  • Geneva
  • Cumorah
  • Raegyn
  • Rhyunn (alternate spelling of Ryan)
  • Eulailah (You-Lay-Luh)
  • Cherstine
  • Abcde (pronounced “ab-si-dee”)
  • lkejrh (pronounced “Ike-jer-ah”)
  • Ayebraeham
  • Le-a (pronounced “la-dash-a”)

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