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If your children received an iPhone 5 or an iPad for Christmas, or perhaps they received an iPad at school instead of textbooks, you ought to be aware that Apple’s mobile operating system iOS has an option to browse the web in secret.

If your kids turn on Private Browsing, they can browse the web in secret. There will be no record of Internet history, cache, logins, searches, or anything else that would normally be visible. Or, they can selectively delete their web history, only removing the sites they don’t want you to see.

I’ve talked before about Covenant Eyes, a Christian-based program that helps your family stay clear of pornography by combining filtering with a system of accountability. Well, they have developed a mobile app that provides a secure browser that replaces Safari on an iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch. The app is free to download, but to use the browser and get regular reports on your child’s browsing activity, you need to have an account through Covenant Eyes.  Learn more about how the Covenant Eyes program works.

Below is a 2-page quick reference guide for safe browsing that explains how to turn off Private Browsing and guard your family with the Covenant Eyes mobile app.

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