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A 7″ tablet computer is being purchased for schools in India. It is multi-touch and has a camera, microphone, and speakers.

It costs $40. The government of India will subsidize half of the cost, making it available to students for roughly $20. It’s part of the Indian government’s commitment to equip all 220 million students in the country with low-cost computing devices and Internet access over the next 5 years.

It’s amazing to see countries leap-frog on technology. While many in India are on par with first-world countries on access to technology, many of their students have not worked with computers much, if at all. Now they will have access to tablets and the Internet. Imagine the opportunity that is opening up for them to learn!

Read more detail about the specifications and price.

Imagine opening up an opportunity for members of the Church around the world–especially in less-developed countries. Imagine loading the scriptures, Church publications, videos, and study resources on a device and making it available to members for a very low cost.

The tablet could be configured to connect with the WiFi in meetinghouses so when you enter the building on Sundays, it automatically downloads the latest Church publications, videos, magazines, and news.

Every week, members would have access to all this material as soon as it is available digitally–with no delays associated with printing and shipping.

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