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LinkedIn is the number one site for professional networking. It is used by more than 161 million job seekers and business professionals.

On LinkedIn, you can create a personal profile to showcase your skills, achievements, and job history. It’s an online resume that can be searched. Employers use LinkedIn to recruit potential employees. Even people who aren’t looking for employment use LinkedIn where they can join over 1 million professional groups to learn from and connect with experts in their fields.

How Is the Church Using LinkedIn?

The Church uses LinkedIn to find and recruit potential employees by posting and highlighting jobs available in a variety of locations. Nearly 10,000 people follow the updates on the Churchʼs LinkedIn page.

The following are the pages on LinkedIn provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

Church departments also maintain various groups:

There are also hundreds of unofficial, LDS-related groups on LinkedIn.

What do you enjoy about LinkedIn?

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