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Yesterday, I mentioned that was updated with an improved menu structure. One of those changes involves the language menu.

When you click the icon of the globe  in the upper right corner of any page on, you’re now presented with a list of 100 languages.

For the 10 most prevalent languages in the Church—Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish—you’ll find a language version of the website.  On each of those language sites, you can then see various country-specific sites listed in the lower left column of the home page under the heading Local Content. Selecting one of these country or area sites then tailors the content with information specific to that country or area.

When you select one of the other 90 languages, you will see a single web page with links to PDF versions of publications in that  language. The materials available on each language page vary, but each item can be read online, downloaded, and printed.

This year, the language pages were updated with new items, including PDFs of the Liahona local pages in more than 40 languages and a simple text PDF of the April 2012 general conference in more than 90 languages. The addition of PDFs of the Book of Mormon in 99 languages added 24 more language pages to those already available on

Translated items appear according to the Church’s worldwide plan for introducing Church materials in specific languages.

In this phased plan, the first items translated are the sacrament prayers, the Articles of Faith, the Gospel Fundamentals manual, selected general conference talks, and the Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith pamphlet. Additional translated materials such as the scriptures, music, and the monthly First Presidency and Visiting Teaching Messages are introduced as the number of Church members who speak a language increases.

I hope you enjoy this digital gospel library on as it expands in many languages.

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