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If you live close to Utah, you may be interested in the following message from the Church’s media department:

Currently casting background actors for additional New Testament stories to be filmed during July & August of 2012. Check out our Facebook page for details –


  • Disciples, Townsmen: 20+ years old, Middle Eastern or Semitic looking men, beards (longer is better), average or slender build
  • Roman soldiers: 20-50 years old, muscular build, at least 6′ tall, weather-worn, shorter cropped beard, some facial hair is a must
  • African townspeople (16+ years old, average to slender build)
  • Women: Middle Eastern or Semitic looking, average or slender build, no permanent makeup please
  • Infirm, Lepers: Middle Eastern or Semitic looking, slender to frail, faces and bodies with lots of character (missing teeth, weathered, wrinkled, missing limbs, etc.

Men, are you willing and able to grow a beard? Do you look like you could fit in the New Testament times? Are you interested in participating in the additional Church New Testament scenes that will be filmed this summer? Do you know others who have a Middle Eastern, Semitic or Mediterranean look and would also like to participate? If you are interested, please apply and begin growing your beards now. As your beard grows longer, please update your online photos.

For all interested please go to and fill out your profile to be entered into our talent database. Make sure you click on the New Testament project and indicate you are interested in participating in this production.

Thank you!

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