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The Church has announced the publication of a new book Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society. This book explains the work of the Relief Society in helping women in their efforts to follow Jesus Christ, increase their personal faith, strengthen families and serve others. The book explains the role of women, both past and present.

Copies of Daughters in My Kingdom will be distributed to women around the world to be used as a resource for personal study and for teaching in the Church and in the home. The book will be available in English and in another 25 languages in the next few months. After the book is distributed, it will also be made available online on

The 208-page book is organized by themes such as family, sisterhood, and charity. Each chapter includes stories of Latter-day Saint women throughout history and around the world today. It is also visually inviting, with colorful photographs and beautiful artwork.

Watch a video of Julie B. Beck, General President of the Relief Society, explaining that the new book will provide perspective and strength for the 21st-century woman. Learn more about the book in an article on the LDS Newsroom and in an article in Church News and Events on

The initial distribution will be to each adult woman in the church:

  • English copies of the book will be sent to English-speaking wards and branches beginning this week.
  • Spanish and Portuguese will be distributed by Nov. 30.
  • Another 20 languages will be available by January 2012

Copies of the book will also be available for purchase at beginning September 8th.

Read more about the website for this book: Daughters in My Kingdom Website and Daughters in My Kingdom Website (follow-up article).

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