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Here are some statistics about the 77.2 million people in the U.S. known as “baby boomers” (currently aged 44-62):

  • They make up the largest group of U.S. Internet users. There are 56.7 million of them, representing nearly 30% of the online population.
  • About 74% of them use the Internet at least once a month.
  • They go online to get things done, such as finding information on products and services, shopping, and staying in touch with friends and family. (Not quite the same love affair as Gen Xers have with the Internet; it’s more a marriage of convenience for Baby Boomers.)
  • They are not all the same. Older boomers (ages 54-62) use media more like those over 62 and younger boomers (44-53) act more like Gen Xers online.

 Source: eMarketer

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