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kindleUpdate November 4, 20113: Try the new Kindle Paperwhite for $119. Read about it.

Amazon has launched AmazonKindle, a new electronic device for reading e-books you purchase from Amazon.

  • Great screen that is easy on the eyes.
  • Impressive design and user experience. (Although a touch screen would be more human-friendly.)
  • Automatic wireless delivery of books, magazines, newspapers, and some blogs. No need to sync with a computer. No monthly wireless bills.
  • See a demo.


  • It’s expensive ($400).
  • You have to buy the books from Amazon (most are $10).
  • Can’t use documents you already own in other formats like MobiReader, MS Reader, PDF, etc. Uses a proprietary format that is DRMed.

Overall, the best I’ve seen yet. Although it won’t have people bringing down’s computers buying it.


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