LDS Scripture Focus App: A New Way to Read the Scriptures

LDS-focus-mobile-appThere are many ways to study the scriptures. Here is a new way.

The company LDS Mobile Apps has released a mobile app LDS Scripture Focus that helps you focus on the word of God, one word at a time!

Rather than presenting a page full of text, this app presents the scripture one word at a time at an accelerated rate. This forces you to center your mind on the meaning of each word you read.

The LDS Scripture Focus app makes it easy to chart your reading progress, with reminders to help motivate you to engage in daily personal scripture study.

This app is made available by the folks at LDS Mobile Apps and is offered for free. The app is available for Apple iOS.

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  • Seb January 10, 2017, 12:29 pm

    I know a couple of apps that work the same way. I actually tried a few. While I do not like the way the apps work I have another problem with it when it comes to scripture study.

    While this app might help some members to keep their reading goals, I want to remind everybody that this app helps your scripture reading but not necessarily your scripture study. Studying the scriptures mean to ponder them, to meditate upon them, to cross-reference them, to explore them… … …

    If you read one verse or to books of scripture everyday is meaningless. The important part is not speed read them but to explore them and listen to what Heavenly Father is telling you.

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