Expanded Use of Digital Devices for LDS Missionary Work

Preach-My-Gospel_phoneToday, the Church released the following information about the growing number of LDS missionaries and expanded use of digital devices and online missionary work.

A record number of nearly 86,000 missionaries are currently serving in 406 missions around the world. That number will continue to surge (because of the age change) and peak at about 88,000 later this year. Then sometime late in the fall, it will begin to plateau and then decrease and stabilize around 77,000.

Sisters are excelling in participating in the mission leadership councils.

6,500 missionaries in 30 missions in the United States and Japan have been pilot testing the use of digital tablets. That will be expanded now to all the missions in North America, Japan, and western Europe. More than 32,000 missionaries in more than 162 missions will have these mini iPads for studying and teaching the gospel. Missionaries will be asked to buy these devices, which they can keep after their missions, much like they purchase and use their own bicycles. Those who can’t afford the $400 devices will be offered assistance.

About the same number of missionaries will also be involved several hours a day in online missionary work using social media such as Facebook.

Learn more by reading the article “Church Expands Use of Digital Devices for Missionary Work” and watching the video below where Elder David F. Evans discusses the expanded missionary efforts in the Church.


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  • Les July 5, 2014, 1:52 pm

    Concern: many of these missionaries are already on assistance from the church for finances, and are getting generous aid to prepare for the mission in the first place. Are we going to be asking them to sacrafice more for an iPad? So we aren’t going to be doing any publications any longer?

  • bob July 7, 2014, 7:56 am

    Does it have to be an ipad? There are dozens of various android devices in the $100-200 range that would be more than sufficient for the gospel library apps and Mormon messages movies that the missionaries use.

  • Paul July 7, 2014, 9:44 am

    Completely agree with Bob. Also, how is appropriate use going to be assured? It would be sad to be tools in the missionaries hands without helping them to be safe. On the flip side, these tools could really help the missionaries with studies, presentations, etc. Will the missionaries also be buying Apple TV so they can project messages? Will Apple be providing a nice discount on their products?

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