Connected Members: LDS General Conference October 2013

lds-general-conference-Oct-2013Last weekend, millions of people from 216 countries used the Internet, satellite, and TV to watch, listen to, and read LDS General Conference in 95 languages. That translation and interpretation miracle made it possible for 97% of the Church’s 15 million members to watch conference in their native language.

Members flocked to social media during general conference to share their testimonies, favorite talks, announcements, and quotes. The Church facilitated the sharing of those messages by posting quotes, memes, and video highlights in real time during the conference sessions on the Church’s Facebook page, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. Here is a summary of those updates from each session: Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Priesthood sessionSunday morning, and Sunday afternoon.

  • Members sent 131,000 invitations to their friends on Facebook to attend the Facebook conference event.
  • People changed their Facebook and Google+ cover images and profile pictures to reflect an image from conference.
  • There were over 155,000 tweets shared with the hashtag #LDSconf—up from 128,000 tweets at April conference. The hashtag #LDSconf trended on Twitter as high as #6. It was also popular on other social media platforms.  During the previous weekend’s General Relief Society meeting, the hashtag #ReliefSociety also became one of the top 10 trended terms on Twitter in the United States. (Learn how to use LDS hashtags.)
  • People created and shared hundreds of conference memes (graphic images with quotes from conference).
  • Immediately after each session, a video was posted at Up until Tuesday night, those videos had been watched online 674,000 times and downloaded 4 million times. During that same period, audio files had been downloaded 1.8 million times.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people read conference-related stories on,, and other websites.
  • The LDS General Conference audio podcast was #2 in the Top iTunes Podcasts in the Religion and Spirituality category.

Read the article “Like, Tweet, and Share Live General Conference Updates” from

Over the next few days, I invite you to consider what will you do in the next six months because of what you learned at General Conference and share it using the hashtag #next6months. How do you want your life to change?


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  • Justin Price October 9, 2013, 12:51 pm

    I watched all sessions (including RS session online) even joining with the Priesthood in the Temple View Chapel beside the Vancouver Canada Temple and my inactive son joined me since I was inspired to ask him. The sessions were filled with truth and showed that the gospel is grounded in revelation. Back to basics, love fellowmen and reinstitute women and mothers as spiritual center of our thoughts and homes. The world’s problems are best solved with women being recognized as the best instructors and nurturers in the home. All women deserve a home where the father will work and even lay down his life to provide shelter and stand as protector and exemplar of all that is right and good. He needs to lead by example and testimony as provider, father, grand parent, home teacher and righteous priesthood holder.

    No child or mother should be left to fend for themselves. All men should find themselves of value in fighting for righteousness and virtue in the home.

    Governments should heed the call to strengthen the homes of the nation by promoting the sanctity and religious values are part of all homes and where ever possible govern with moral fortitude in sustaining the homes of its citizens as institutes of learning and havens from evil and immoral interlopers.

    Men of the Priesthood were called to arms to help save families and communities by returning to basics. Love God and Love others as they do themselves and help prepare self, family and community for the coming of the, Messiah, Savior of all mankind even Jesus Christ is the testimony I got from watching 183rd General Conference. AMEN!

  • TJ October 9, 2013, 3:35 pm


    Nice comment. Thanks for sharing.

  • Karen Moore October 22, 2013, 9:19 am

    My daughter and her toddler and I watched Priesthood session in my home on the BYU channel. Thank you for broadcasting that, it was a good session.

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