Happy 7th Birthday LDS Media Talk

Happy-Birthday-cakeToday is the 7th anniversary of the founding of LDSMediaTalk.com. This is the 1,638th post, which means I’ve written about one post per business day for 7 years. Whew! That’s a lot of writing.

Learn more about the history of LDSMediaTalk.com.

Reach of LDS Media Talk

I thought it would be fun to share some of the statistics about the readership of LDS Media Talk. Here is information about monthly readers:

That represents a total reach of nearly 36,000 people from 144 countries. Of course, some people follow on more than one of these channels, so they are not all unique readers. However, it also doesn’t include people who read the articles as they are syndicated across many other sites and blog aggregators, so the actual readers are likely many more than that.

For example, those who follow LDS Media Talk on Facebook have an average of 500 friends each (higher than the average of 229 across Facebook). Since the LDSMediaTalk posts also show up on their friends’ walls, that’s a potential for 1,625,000 additional people reading the posts!

Thanks for your support. If you like what you read on LDSMediaTalk.com, be sure to share it with family and friends. If you have any suggestions on topics you’d like to hear more about, please comment below.


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  • Kendall Davie September 1, 2014, 3:31 pm

    LDS Media Talk is one of my favourite emails that I’ve received for years. I even like the pictures that come with each email – they are so well chosen, just like all the material in the emails. Today I’m excited to learn that Larry Richman “is responsible for helping members and leaders become more aware of the availability and purpose of Church materials.” I am constantly trying to do that in my own stake. I feel that I’m fighting a losing battle and that the online Church materials mostly go to waste, as very few members seem to be aware of them. That applies to even the most useful and important materials, such as all the fantastic tools and information on Family History. I’ve often felt the stake needs to call a person to be “responsible for helping members and leaders become more aware of the availability and purpose of Church materials.” That person could send appropriate Links to the right officers around the stake, to alert them to what’s available to help them in their callings. I sometimes send such Links to people voluntarily but I get the impression that it’s often treated as junk mail because it’s not official. Keep up your good work, Larry.

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