LDS Maps: Mission Boundaries

by Larry Richman on May 9, 2013

Did you know that you can look up mission boundaries on LDS Maps?

indiana-mission-boundariesFind out where a mission is located for a missionary from your ward

  1. Log into (Sign In/Tools is at the top of any page on If you don’t have an LDS Account, you’ll need to create one.)
  2. Click Directory in the Tools menu to go to your ward/stake directory.
  3. Click Missionary at the bottom of the list on the left of the screen to see the missionaries from your ward.
  4. Click on a missionary’s name and it will bring up a map of their mission.
  5. You can click “View in LDS Maps” directly above the map to open an interactive map so you can zoom in and explore.

See mission boundaries throughout the world

  1. Click Maps in the Tools menu at the top of any page on
  2. Click the Map Layers icon (the icon in the top right that looks like a stack of papers) and a pop-up window will appear that shows the possibilities you can see, such as Temples and FamilySearch Centers. If you are signed in, you will see two subheadings in this pop-up window: Facilities at the top and Boundaries at the bottom. Click on the subhead Boundaries to expand it and see the option for wards, stakes, missions, etc.
  3. Click Missions to see the boundaries of all the missions in the world.
  4. If you click once on the mission and wait a few seconds, you’ll see a pop-up window with the name and address of the mission.

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