Requesting Your Priesthood Line of Authority

Did you know you can request from the Church a listing of your priesthood line of authority?


Tracing Priesthood Line of Authority

The First Presidency has authorized the gathering of information for priesthood lines of authority for the following:

  • Melchizedek Priesthood conferral (usually ordination to the office of elder)
  • Ordination to the office of high priest

When you ordain others to offices in the Melchizedek Priesthood, their priesthood line of authority is determined by the priesthood office you hold at the time you perform the ordination. For example, if you are an elder when you ordain your son an elder, he would trace his line of authority through your elder ordination line of authority. However, if you are a high priest when you ordain your son an elder, he would trace his line of authority through your high priest ordination line of authority.

(Note: Though a priesthood holder with the office of seventy may be included in a member’s personal line of authority, no separate line of authority is maintained for the office of seventy. Ordained bishops and patriarchs trace their priesthood line of authority through their high priest ordination. Priesthood line of authority is not recorded for Aaronic Priesthood offices.)

Requesting Your Priesthood Line of Authority

If you wish to request your priesthood line of authority, include your full legal name, birth date, membership record number (if known), the name of the individual who ordained you to the office of elder or high priest (if known), and your return address and telephone number or e-mail address. Here is the form to fill out. Send your request to:

Priesthood Line of Authority
Global Service Center
120 North 200 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103-1514
Fax: 1-801-240-6816
Telephone: 1-800-453-3860, extension 2-3500

Please don’t post your information in the comments below. You need to mail it to the address above or use the e-mail or phone number provided.

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  • Nestor GARCIA December 27, 2013, 3:37 pm

    Como cosigo mi linea de autoridad

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    Para conseguir tu linea de autoridad, favor de completar el formulario al y enviarlo a


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