Choosing Good Media

Want to talk to your family about choosing good media? The article “Choose the Right Media” in this month’s Friend magazine can help encourage meaningful conversations in your family.

It includes a checklist children can use to gauge if they’re reading, watching, or listening to good media.

Does is make them feel good inside and make them want to do what’s right? Good choice.

Does it depict violence or make them uncomfortable? Might want to do something else.

No matter how old or young your family, this article can help you choose the right media together.

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  • Mackenzie May 2, 2012, 12:41 pm

    I recently went to a screening of a movie called The Mine that is scheduled to come out this Halloween. LA studios claim that teen thrillers won’t be successful unless they are filled with all that filth we seen movies these days. The interesting thing is that the producer of The Mine is trying to prove studios wrong! He created a film without the language, blood, and sex that is in so many thrillers. Really great film. Suspenseful and riveting, yet it is a movie that you can watch with your kids and you won’t feel embarrassed! Check it out–it’s such a good cause! Let’s bring clean, good movies BACK! 🙂

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