Spanish and Portuguese Scriptures in MP3 Format

Audio files of the Spanish and Portuguese scriptures are now available in MP3 format on the Church’s Web site at They are available as zip files for download. Within a few weeks, they will also be posted as individual MP3 files that can be played online.

The English audio files are also available at and also linked to each chapter page on the scriptures site. (In English, you can click the word Listen at the top left of each chapter page to listen to the audio.) A future enhancement of the scriptures site will add links to the Spanish and Portuguese audio.

We plan to provide audio recordings of the scriptures in 28 more languages within the next few years.

FYI, the Book of Mormon is currently available in print in 106 languages and the triple combination in 49. The text of the scriptures is available online in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Portuguese will be available about the end of 2007.

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